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Signal boost.

Greetings United States gov,

We are the Internet. Again, you are trying to pass this ridiculous CISPA law in order to control and censor the people. This will not stand. You already control the media, the economy, the criminal underworld, your national plots and our energy. YOU WILL NOT GET OUR INTERNET!

The U.S. law that would turn Google, Facebook, and Twitter into legally untouchable government spies just passed the House.

This bill affects everyone — not just U.S. citizens. Anyone with a Facebook account could now have their data shipped directly to the U.S. government. That’s why Internet users overwhelmingly oppose this bill. Over 1.5 million people signed petitions against it. But Congress didn’t listen. This law broadened the state terror and repression of the people. By allowing corporations to track our every action on the internet the state and corporations will be merged and that we have seen before: it is called fascism.

We are going dark on MONDAY April 22nd at 6 AM GMT for 24 hours to protest your illogical and terrorizing bill against the Internet itself. Even with the whole Internet crying out to stop this BILL, the US House of Representatives failed to do so blinded by lobbyist’s money and cum in your eyes. So we will take action ourselves and open your eyes. Every popular/mainstream websites will be black until you, Mr. DronObama promise us to use your VETO power to stop this bill at Senate. Take this as a protest or a warning, as you wish. One thing is for certain, neither you or anyone else in this world can control the Internet, so don’t even try. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money into doing these kind of shenanigans.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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No, seriously. Apparently he doesn't think that's inappropriate, or weird, or abusive coming from a person in a position of power, or anything of the sort.

But that's not all. When I dodged (because god forbid I be forthright and tell him I'm not interested, thankyouverymuch), he started going about how I thought he was ugly, and how I was making a big deal out of nothing, it was just a friendly invitation, and it's not like he was in any of his classes right now, so technically, I was an ex-student. 

The guy's about my age, and has a good heart, but he's a nut-case. He has no sense of what's appropriate, is not all that connected with reality, he's egotistical and has violent outbursts. And I don't think he's attractive. Even if I did, I wouldn't go for it, because, no, just no, he's a professor at my uni. He's helped me out a lot with his courses, I might be his student again at some point. I could go on and on on why I'm not attracted to him, but it's irrelevant. He's my professor.

And then? Then he got offended. He started going about me presuming about his intentions and other shit of the sort. And guilt trips? NOT. COOL. I might have considered talking to him as friends (good guy, blah blah, and yeah, the guilt trip was working, I felt indebted), but fuck that. I will not be pressured into anything I'm not completely comfortable with, I will not be told what I'm thinking and I will not stand for anyone to try to guilt trip me and scare me into anything, much less some entitled asshole trying to force me to go out with him.

I am so fucking pissed, so fucking sick and tired of men not respecting my boundaries and my answers simply because they are mine. I'm fucking sick of of this chauvinistic country where it's OK to get angry at women because they won't fall in line. And I'm really fucking pissed that I will be forced to mend bridges and try to appease him because I can't risk him trying to make my life difficult.

Now what? Who do I tell? Who do I talk about this? He's been pushing me for a long time, he's even asked about my sex life and made veiled comments about finding love, and I was willing to give him a pass because he's had a hard life and doesn't have a great sense of proper, normal social interaction, and seriously, how stupid can I get?. But this is utterly unacceptable from anyone at all, much less from someone that has power over me, and it's what I've made a point of fighting as one of the very few feminist women in this retrograde society.

And I want to cry because I can't risk going public with this and have people turn on me. I want to cry because I'm at the bottom of the pyramid just because I was born with an uterus. It seems so many women spend half their lives with their backs against the wall, fending off abuse as best they can with no hope pf things improving.

This is so fucking unfair. And no matter how much I rage against it? I'm still backed into a corner.

I'm still scared shitless.
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Many people have spoken of this better and more eloquently. Even so, I feel like I need to address this because I don't want to let yet another one  of this sadly frequent issues go.

Rant rant rant )
As a side note, here's a bit about the Swedish government's policies about rape. Even if you don't care about wikileaks, you should read this.

and a bit more rant )

Seriously guys, this inter-country bullying has gotten beyond  stupid.

Below is a list of a few of the companies that are boycotting Wikileaks. I closed my paypal and amazon accounts, and it seems I'll be using cash for a while. It's not much, but it's my two cents. If you want to toss yours in, too, well that'd be awesome

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Dec. 8th, 2010 03:52 pm
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My heart goes out to the families of all the people who were involved.

Thank all the year's almost over. Here's to hoping the next one will be better. Please, let it be better...
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For all of us. But specially, specially for Americans. What does one do when these things happen?
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Yes, you read that right: I´m requesting to be spoiled. Could anyone please help me out and tell me what Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is about? Have mercy on the girl that lives on a small corner of the world where the official print won´t get at for at least one or two months.
Side note to make me extra pathetic: I flunked a test. It might very well mean that I´ll flunk the entire course and not be able to take another important course next semester, and thus force me to spend an extra year in college. So, throw me some crumbs of happiness, please?

I´ve sort of lost interest in Harry Potter (I got twitchy the moment they started to mention Ginny Weasley too much), so I bought Order of the Phoenix and leafed the first part of the book, and The Half Blood Prince I didn´t even look at. Sides´, I already sort of knew what would happen, since I read the spoilers in LJ.

But I digress. I´m not interested enough to read it, but I am nosy enough to want to know what happened. Or at the very least, who died =D

Help me out?
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Long time no see!

I´m sorry if I haven´t been around for your important news.  I´m just picking up where I left off, and I´m going crazy trying to catch all the wincest and wee!chesters I´ve missed. If you want to leave me a few links, I won´t complain.

World news ranting. )

*sighs* Well, then. let´s get into happier news.

I want to have grandpuppies!! *beams*. Just the though gives me warm fuzzies. Dean!love and Sammy give me warm fuzzies to, but that is rather OT. I felt the need to say it anyway.

I have Photoshop again! Yey! The CS version, mind you. I´m trying to manip a delicious Sirius Black just to practise, and then I´m off to manip a Sam´n´Dean Titanic manip. Just in case you were wondering, no, I didn´t come up with that one, [profile] jewels667 did , but I think it´s a smashing idea.
So, does anyone have or can get me a big Titanic screencap? Preferably one of these, but something like this or similar can work too. I sort of need one that´s about 700 pixels and I can´t find any.


Mar. 29th, 2007 11:19 am
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Well, it was my birthday on the 27th. Please drop by to say hi?


             HAPPY late BIRTHDAY wishes TZI!! =D


Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:17 pm
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Some random things:

My boyfriend is comming to see me!!! Yey! He´ll get here on Monday!! Double Yey!!  =DDD

Classes start on Monday  =( And I can´t  miss class because the teachers know me =(( First class is Physical Chemistry. That one deserves a "well, fuck"

Mum and I have reached an unspoken agreement: I pretend I´m not having sex with boyfriend and she pretends not to know I´m having sex with boyfriend. Catholic countries, you know...

My bathroom is gross and I can´t find the courage to clean it. Ew all around.

But more important than all that:

                                                                       WHAT <scratch>THE FUCK </scratch>  IS A BNF??

I´m missing wankage and drama just because I have no idea, and yes, I want to know, because I´m nosey like that. I´m thinking BNF it´s bad?
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Yes, I know you are all very excited.

That was fun =D
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Well, I´m alive and kicking so far. This country is so quiet it´s almost, almost boring. 

I just got to Salinas, the first city in the beaches circuit. 

To the moment I´ve discovered several things about the world and myself. The two most important ones are that there are iguanas in the parks. Like, they have iguanas instead of pidgeons.

The secong thing is that I don´t really like shrimp.
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So, I´m off to Santiago in about an hour, I´ll go buy a few things I need and then it´s off to Ecuador for a month. Alone.

I´m panicking a little, I must admit. I might be swinging by Colombia too, and if the price of international shipping is not too ridiculous, I´ll send cofee to you guys.

Wish me luck?
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I´m off to Ecuador on Jan 15th, to backpack up to Feb 9th.

Alone. And I´ve never backpacked before.

I´m by turns excited and freaked out, and I suspect that freaked will start wining the nmore time that goes by. I ordered my books and I´m very tempted to use the 24 hour thingy that says you can get a full return for free. Or cut down on the time. Or go around crying and begging someone to go with me.

Anyone feels like backpacking around Ecuador?


On other news, we have the belly dancing performance on the 11th, we just started precticing the coreography and Patty, the teacher, just decidded that we should all dress the same. Now we have to cut and sew up a suit form the fabric that we´ll get on monday at the earliest. And we´ll be practicing every day of the next week. Owie.

In even other news, I really want the classes to be over so I can get rid of the stupid students and their inabiliy to do fractions. But I still agreed to do some private lessons for some girl because I really need the money. I need to study electricity again and I really don´t want to. *sighs* but the money...
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I got here at about 1:30, its 8:10 PM and I´m still pretty much stuck. I´m at the lab, by the way. I´m working in neurobiology because I have nothing better to do than look for polimorphisms that could influence depression. I´m such a geek.

One fine day, back when I was still in collegue and had to earn credits by working on someone else´s project for free, Romina, the girl that´s in charge of the project, teached me to extract DNA from blood samples. And we discovered that, for some reason, I get way more DNA than I should. By now I´m getting 3 to 4 times as much as she does per sample. I suspect that this´ll be my job for a long, long time.  It´s boring and repetitive and utterly uninteresting, but I get so much free time waiting on some parts of it that I´ll be checking and commenting on my flist more often. So I´m stuck here and you´ll be stuck with me, because misery loves company =P

You know, now that I think about it... well, the project is not very interesting, and my job is downright boring. Why am I still working here anyway?

Anyway, did I tell you I´m teaching Physics in some random collegue? It´s awful yet entertaining. I feel like I got dropped down in the middle of a high school soap opera. But I have the power, because I grade´em. So, ha!

There´s this guy that feels mortally offended because I don´t think he is hot. I suspected as much, but the other day I found out that he has ranted several times about it to his classmates. The thing is, I do think he´s hot, but he's such an asshole that I don´t really care.
On the same note, I´ve never been so hit on in my life. I´m like the kindergarden teacher, with all the little boys crushing on me and sending me crayoned pictures. Except that, you know, most of this guys are older than me. And much, much bigger. With all the flirting that coming my way lately I´d feel pretty and witty and gay, if I didn´t know they wanted me only for my grading ability. The bastards >:O
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Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - ernest gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on Livejournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "gay rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this


Sep. 23rd, 2006 12:23 pm
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Have I ever mentioned that my mom is a pharmacologist? Well, she is.

So, we were doing laundry and talking about life, death, the stuff between, ya' know. And then we started talking about health, and my dad came up.

Mom: Did you know your dad's blood pressure is too high?
Self: Really? I though he was hipotense
Mom: Oh, no, he's not. And he keeps making it worse. You know what's a really bad idea to do if you're hiper tense?
Self: What?
Mom: taking Viagra.
Self: *choques*
Mom: I keet telling him he shouln't take it, but he refuses to listen...
Self: yes mom, I really wanted to know that...
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I belive I'm almost obssesive-compulsive. I just bought most of my Christmas presents over the internet. I need daddy's (that I have to but somewhere else. I know what I'm getting him, though) and my brother's (no idea on that one). All the others are taken care off.

And yes, I'm aware it August
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But then someone stole my wallet.

It´s my birthday´s fault. It always come with a little black cloud tagging along.
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And I´ll cry if want to
cry if I want to
Cry if I want to

Nice weekend with one nasty finalle. Well, what the hell, at least I got chocolates...

Wow, it seems the only times I update my journal I end up whining. My life is pretty good, really. Just, you know, I changed meds and they haven´t quite kicked in fully yet. So don´t mind my angsting.