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It seemed an excellent idea at the time

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Figured I'd try to fill this thing up, because the public has a right to know, and I'm bored and refuse to do something actually productive.

I'm a hardcore slash fan and have been since I was like 12. As I hit and ran over my 22 birthday a while ago, I'm mighty proud of being a pervert for over a decade, and looking forward to many more years.

I never finish anything I start. Whether I do that because I´m depressed (mom), lazy(sister), vocationally misguided (dad), looking for my path in life (grandma), one of those unmotivated and indifferent youngsters (grandpa) or just have a bug's attention span (friends and yours truly) is under discussion right now, but I´ll let you know when the court has its veredict.

I'm very much a dog person, and currently have a black labrador retriever who is much too smart for both our goods and has an attitude problem... a lot like mine, actually. She's the longest relationship I've held to this momment, sad as that is, and the closest I'm gonna get to have children if I've got any say in the matter. Also, I picked up a weim at an animal shelter about six months ago. She also has a bug´s attention span, so we have loads of fun bumping into each other, generally not getting it and using our considerable brain power to achieve stupid goals.

I aspire to win the lottery, unknowingly have a rich uncle that will leave me everything or marry a millionaire (I've kind of gotten philosophical about my chances by now) and never, ever need a real job or get up before 9 AM unless I want to.

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... eclectic? action movies, aerosmith, alanis morissette, and one of the unmotivated youth., and procrastinating. talking?... taking walks, anime, art, being an irresponsible adult, being an unproductive. member of society, books, bottom!draco, boy love, boys kissing, bush bashing, canine obbedience, conversar, dean, dean winchester, dean!love, debating, dogs, dom!harry, doujinshi, draco, draco malfoy, drinking, fan fiction, fanfics, fanfiction., fantasy, fiction, girl!dean, gun dogs, harry potter, haru wo daite ita., harudaki, hiei, historical novels, hunting dogs, isaac asimov, japanesse terror, joking, kurama, kxh, labs, lenguajes, lex, lex luthor, lucius malfoy, malfoys, manga, maurice druon, michael crichton, more slash, movies, novel lenght fics, ob-session, orlando bloom, partying, patinar, procrastinating, randomness, reading, sam, science, slash, sleeping pills, snarky comments, spn, stephen king, supernatural, supernatural slash, supernatural!, suspense, therapeutic bitching, viggo mortensen, viggo mortensen slash, viggo slash, viggorli, vigorli, walden mcnair, walden/lucius, weimaraners, weims, wincest, wit, yaoi manga, yyh
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