Dec. 8th, 2010 03:52 pm
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My heart goes out to the families of all the people who were involved.

Thank all the year's almost over. Here's to hoping the next one will be better. Please, let it be better...
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Long time no see!

I´m sorry if I haven´t been around for your important news.  I´m just picking up where I left off, and I´m going crazy trying to catch all the wincest and wee!chesters I´ve missed. If you want to leave me a few links, I won´t complain.

World news ranting. )

*sighs* Well, then. let´s get into happier news.

I want to have grandpuppies!! *beams*. Just the though gives me warm fuzzies. Dean!love and Sammy give me warm fuzzies to, but that is rather OT. I felt the need to say it anyway.

I have Photoshop again! Yey! The CS version, mind you. I´m trying to manip a delicious Sirius Black just to practise, and then I´m off to manip a Sam´n´Dean Titanic manip. Just in case you were wondering, no, I didn´t come up with that one, [profile] jewels667 did , but I think it´s a smashing idea.
So, does anyone have or can get me a big Titanic screencap? Preferably one of these, but something like this or similar can work too. I sort of need one that´s about 700 pixels and I can´t find any.
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Yes, I know you are all very excited.

That was fun =D
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I got here at about 1:30, its 8:10 PM and I´m still pretty much stuck. I´m at the lab, by the way. I´m working in neurobiology because I have nothing better to do than look for polimorphisms that could influence depression. I´m such a geek.

One fine day, back when I was still in collegue and had to earn credits by working on someone else´s project for free, Romina, the girl that´s in charge of the project, teached me to extract DNA from blood samples. And we discovered that, for some reason, I get way more DNA than I should. By now I´m getting 3 to 4 times as much as she does per sample. I suspect that this´ll be my job for a long, long time.  It´s boring and repetitive and utterly uninteresting, but I get so much free time waiting on some parts of it that I´ll be checking and commenting on my flist more often. So I´m stuck here and you´ll be stuck with me, because misery loves company =P

You know, now that I think about it... well, the project is not very interesting, and my job is downright boring. Why am I still working here anyway?

Anyway, did I tell you I´m teaching Physics in some random collegue? It´s awful yet entertaining. I feel like I got dropped down in the middle of a high school soap opera. But I have the power, because I grade´em. So, ha!

There´s this guy that feels mortally offended because I don´t think he is hot. I suspected as much, but the other day I found out that he has ranted several times about it to his classmates. The thing is, I do think he´s hot, but he's such an asshole that I don´t really care.
On the same note, I´ve never been so hit on in my life. I´m like the kindergarden teacher, with all the little boys crushing on me and sending me crayoned pictures. Except that, you know, most of this guys are older than me. And much, much bigger. With all the flirting that coming my way lately I´d feel pretty and witty and gay, if I didn´t know they wanted me only for my grading ability. The bastards >:O
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I belive I'm almost obssesive-compulsive. I just bought most of my Christmas presents over the internet. I need daddy's (that I have to but somewhere else. I know what I'm getting him, though) and my brother's (no idea on that one). All the others are taken care off.

And yes, I'm aware it August
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But then someone stole my wallet.

It´s my birthday´s fault. It always come with a little black cloud tagging along.
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Did I mention that I´m away on volunteer work? I´m using my free time (they gave us free time because if we lift a finger too fast we might get heatstroke) to check up on my journal and complain a bit. The food is not very good, we are staying in some sort of boarding school with one bedroom per floor (I kid you not). I'm sharing all my space with roughly 50 girls. We have to shower on comunal, door-less showers with cold water, and we have to walk everywhere under the scalding summer sun. Strangely, that has not been so bad as working with children. They are sweehearts, and I don´t actually work with them as much as I lend a hand on keeping them from causing mayhem, but the task is exhausting. And the girl I´m supposed to be working with sucks, and just dumped me to handle youth class by myself. yesterday she left me to fend for myself and make up a subject on the spot, and today she made it official.

Really, it wouldn´t be so bad except that we work every day of the week, and we are up at 7:30 AM and go to sleep at midnight if we are lucky. I´m not sure I can handle this until Saturday.

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Where my darling best friend collapsed, cried half the week threatening to work herself into a permanent panic attack or over the nearest bridge, my sister got sick and subsequently cranky and whined for me to coddle her all week and got her first serious collapse form overwork (she stayed put so long I'm mighty proud), I got sick, I discovered I'm all of 5 days too old to apply for the scholarship to Japan I wanted after I went all the way to the embassy and found out that, besides that, I'm pretty much the perfect candidate, Yanira consistently did nothing in the Lab and managed to screwed up the small part of the experiment we were counting on her to do, again, and cashed her Lab check as she's the only one that's actually getting paid to take care of the goddamn cells, we discovered contamination on all of our plaques of cells and as hard as we tried, we just had to sacrifice them, and I had a test today after I got in a grand total of seven hours of study.

I've been running on coffee, adrenaline and half the sleep I need for the last five days, and I have to do some more work before I can rest. But a beautifully long weekend is ahead, and all the crisis were avoided. Darling friend, who also happens to be the roommate, after an extensive fight with her mother that left her feeling like crap for several days, finally pulled out of the career and is now smiling for the first time in a long while. She left today for her parents house, when her mother saw reason after someone helpfully pointed out to her it's better to have a daughter-that-could-have-been-an-architect-but-isn't that no-daugther-at-all. She pulled out of college, and I'm now rommateless and Karenless for the first time in two years, and that is a very weird thing.

Overall, tings turned out fine. Not peachy, but... well, sister has done nothing but sleep and eat for the last three days and is now ready to face the last month and a half of classes, Friend is not suicidal or passing out for being unable to cope anymore, I'm not seeing Yanira till' Tuesday, Katty-the-Lab-Guru offered up some of her clean cells so we could reestablish our culture line and I got a passing grade on the test, I think, and if I didn't, there's nothing to be done about it anymore but study more next time.

So, this weekend, there shall be nothing but naked man sports for me *sighs and relaxes*

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Dani just had her baby!! XDDD
It's a girl, named Catalina, and born almost a full month ahead of shchedule (Go figure, she had no more space to keep growing as Dani is rather petite ^^)Regardless her height and weight are normal.

I'm a very happy auntie!! XDD Sort of, at least.


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