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But then someone stole my wallet.

It´s my birthday´s fault. It always come with a little black cloud tagging along.
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And I´ll cry if want to
cry if I want to
Cry if I want to

Nice weekend with one nasty finalle. Well, what the hell, at least I got chocolates...

Wow, it seems the only times I update my journal I end up whining. My life is pretty good, really. Just, you know, I changed meds and they haven´t quite kicked in fully yet. So don´t mind my angsting.

I'm sick

Nov. 4th, 2005 08:48 am
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No, really. Not sick of life, people, or anything, but like, sick.

I have been dragging this flu for about a mont and a half now. I was almost well and then I decided to go partying on Halloween. I have been dizzy, feverish and coughing up my lungs ever since, but hell if it wasn't a good party XDD

We danced until we couldn't anymore. And we actually left early, since the music wasn't so good. Still, five hours is a respectable stay, I think.

I also fell the need to tell you that drinks were very expensive. We had a grand total of 1 watter bottle and 1 small cup of soda for all 4 of us, and we spent like $8 for them.

Now, the good part is that this party was thrown by the most important goth club in the city. It gave us the chance to dress up as extravagantly as we wanted, and still not raise eyebrows. As a side note, I've always known the world hosts some very weird people, but I was once again amazed by the sheer craziness of some. No, kid, you are not a vampire.

But, well. Now I'm sick ^^


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