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Just Swinging by to tell you guys that Naty, the pup, will probably live to tell the tale. Let´s just hope...
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There's this little pup I see every day when I go off to college, you see. Her name is Naty and she's a big eared, cheerful little thing that always wants one more pet. I make it a point pet her and coo at her every time I go by, about twice a day.

Today, I came to visit the parents and went by her house. She was lying on a corner, and when she saw me she didn't bounce up to greet me, and that was just weird. So I called her...

She came limping towards me and at first I though that someone had beaten the crap out of her. After through-the gate examining I realised she was very sick, dripping saliva of her muzzle and defecating blood. I called up to the house. The old man who owns her doesn't have a cent, and he told me that she had started feeling bad the day before, and he had taken her to a public vet, but he couldn't see her until Monday. One look at her made me see she wasn't making it to monday, so I asked permission and took her home with me, so I could take her to my own vet, who I trust with my life and even more so, with Kenya's life (she's my baby girl, a black Retriever) My vet told me... well, she has an intestinal hemmorrhage. I had to left the pup on the clinic, so she could get some serum into her and a bunch of medication. I have to take her back tomorrow.

I just hope she gets better.


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