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Did I mention that I´m away on volunteer work? I´m using my free time (they gave us free time because if we lift a finger too fast we might get heatstroke) to check up on my journal and complain a bit. The food is not very good, we are staying in some sort of boarding school with one bedroom per floor (I kid you not). I'm sharing all my space with roughly 50 girls. We have to shower on comunal, door-less showers with cold water, and we have to walk everywhere under the scalding summer sun. Strangely, that has not been so bad as working with children. They are sweehearts, and I don´t actually work with them as much as I lend a hand on keeping them from causing mayhem, but the task is exhausting. And the girl I´m supposed to be working with sucks, and just dumped me to handle youth class by myself. yesterday she left me to fend for myself and make up a subject on the spot, and today she made it official.

Really, it wouldn´t be so bad except that we work every day of the week, and we are up at 7:30 AM and go to sleep at midnight if we are lucky. I´m not sure I can handle this until Saturday.

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Michelle Bachelet is winning!!*dances* XDDDD

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George Bush has decreed that from now on, annoying someone via the Internet is a federal crime.

No comments.

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You know. I was reading up on this page (take a look at it, by the way. It has some very good tips. Still, looking up on this page in particular and trying to find people I know that fit these profile I realized most on my direct family has some serious issues. I can't say about myself, but it makes me wonder...
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I wish this year brings us all closer to our dreams, and I wish you all good look with your new year's resolutions list! XDD I've never been able to follow those through for more than a week or two.

Moving on, I was not tagged by anyone and will not tag anyone, but here goes

Five of my own weird habits )

Now, I shall link and rec.
This woman has a kick ass site. Her word is law when it comes to dogs and from her I've learned some very interesting facts about my puppy girl. Her books are excelent, and very much worth the money. I recomend particulary 'Longer Life for the Dog you Love' (the first volume) and 'Teach your Dog 100 English Words' that has some great tips for training and dog behaviour. She's having a special Christmass sale too, go see!

This site has the best Gravitation fics I've ever read. This woman sweps me off the floor with her wonderful stuff. You can hear the characters talking

Some quotes of her fics )

This is my newly discovered HP lovely. Meet [profile] fleshdress and her incredible ficcage. She is a very nice lady too, in case you are interested.
I'm crazy about her BlaiseXDraco fics, and she has some deliciously mean drabbles. There was this one I wanted to link, one sided Ron/Harry with some Snape intervertion, but I couldn't find it T_T

A Taste of Morocco has some hot man-action with a dash of angst. This is some very well made RPS, and features Jared Leto and Colin Farrel screwing like bunnies.

For Yuu Yuu Hakusho, some of Mina Lighstar's, aka [ profile] ukefied , and some Arigatomina

And last, but not least, some orginal fiction by Thera. And some friendly advice: don't start any fic of hers if you don't have thhe time to read it whole, though.

  P.D:  I was going to spell check this, but I'm feeling lazy[profile]
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It's been so long since I updated this thing I don't remember what's one supposed to write. Well, I passed the subject... mostly ^^ I have been reading Bram Stoker's Dracula and that has been very fun, and I have been working for ob-session. For some reason I ache all over.

On other news and some serious TMI, I suspect my ass grew, is growing even. I don't know quite what to do about this, other than to start saving money to cut the extra stuff out.

And Happy Holidays! ^^UU
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Almost Free!!! I can almost taste happyness...

Anyway, meanwhile here be a piccy of my friend Dany and her baby We took a few pics of the baby herself, but she kept scrunching up her face, so ^^

And yes, this is my sister's fotolog. The pic right before this one goes to show how egocentric she is ^^ She's pretty, though. See?

I'm sick

Nov. 4th, 2005 08:48 am
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No, really. Not sick of life, people, or anything, but like, sick.

I have been dragging this flu for about a mont and a half now. I was almost well and then I decided to go partying on Halloween. I have been dizzy, feverish and coughing up my lungs ever since, but hell if it wasn't a good party XDD

We danced until we couldn't anymore. And we actually left early, since the music wasn't so good. Still, five hours is a respectable stay, I think.

I also fell the need to tell you that drinks were very expensive. We had a grand total of 1 watter bottle and 1 small cup of soda for all 4 of us, and we spent like $8 for them.

Now, the good part is that this party was thrown by the most important goth club in the city. It gave us the chance to dress up as extravagantly as we wanted, and still not raise eyebrows. As a side note, I've always known the world hosts some very weird people, but I was once again amazed by the sheer craziness of some. No, kid, you are not a vampire.

But, well. Now I'm sick ^^
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Just Swinging by to tell you guys that Naty, the pup, will probably live to tell the tale. Let´s just hope...
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There's this little pup I see every day when I go off to college, you see. Her name is Naty and she's a big eared, cheerful little thing that always wants one more pet. I make it a point pet her and coo at her every time I go by, about twice a day.

Today, I came to visit the parents and went by her house. She was lying on a corner, and when she saw me she didn't bounce up to greet me, and that was just weird. So I called her...

She came limping towards me and at first I though that someone had beaten the crap out of her. After through-the gate examining I realised she was very sick, dripping saliva of her muzzle and defecating blood. I called up to the house. The old man who owns her doesn't have a cent, and he told me that she had started feeling bad the day before, and he had taken her to a public vet, but he couldn't see her until Monday. One look at her made me see she wasn't making it to monday, so I asked permission and took her home with me, so I could take her to my own vet, who I trust with my life and even more so, with Kenya's life (she's my baby girl, a black Retriever) My vet told me... well, she has an intestinal hemmorrhage. I had to left the pup on the clinic, so she could get some serum into her and a bunch of medication. I have to take her back tomorrow.

I just hope she gets better.

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Where my darling best friend collapsed, cried half the week threatening to work herself into a permanent panic attack or over the nearest bridge, my sister got sick and subsequently cranky and whined for me to coddle her all week and got her first serious collapse form overwork (she stayed put so long I'm mighty proud), I got sick, I discovered I'm all of 5 days too old to apply for the scholarship to Japan I wanted after I went all the way to the embassy and found out that, besides that, I'm pretty much the perfect candidate, Yanira consistently did nothing in the Lab and managed to screwed up the small part of the experiment we were counting on her to do, again, and cashed her Lab check as she's the only one that's actually getting paid to take care of the goddamn cells, we discovered contamination on all of our plaques of cells and as hard as we tried, we just had to sacrifice them, and I had a test today after I got in a grand total of seven hours of study.

I've been running on coffee, adrenaline and half the sleep I need for the last five days, and I have to do some more work before I can rest. But a beautifully long weekend is ahead, and all the crisis were avoided. Darling friend, who also happens to be the roommate, after an extensive fight with her mother that left her feeling like crap for several days, finally pulled out of the career and is now smiling for the first time in a long while. She left today for her parents house, when her mother saw reason after someone helpfully pointed out to her it's better to have a daughter-that-could-have-been-an-architect-but-isn't that no-daugther-at-all. She pulled out of college, and I'm now rommateless and Karenless for the first time in two years, and that is a very weird thing.

Overall, tings turned out fine. Not peachy, but... well, sister has done nothing but sleep and eat for the last three days and is now ready to face the last month and a half of classes, Friend is not suicidal or passing out for being unable to cope anymore, I'm not seeing Yanira till' Tuesday, Katty-the-Lab-Guru offered up some of her clean cells so we could reestablish our culture line and I got a passing grade on the test, I think, and if I didn't, there's nothing to be done about it anymore but study more next time.

So, this weekend, there shall be nothing but naked man sports for me *sighs and relaxes*

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Dani just had her baby!! XDDD
It's a girl, named Catalina, and born almost a full month ahead of shchedule (Go figure, she had no more space to keep growing as Dani is rather petite ^^)Regardless her height and weight are normal.

I'm a very happy auntie!! XDD Sort of, at least.
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I am very indulgent with my freakiness, so today I looked for some Chip'n'Dale slash. You know. The Disney squirrels. #^^#

I didn't find any, but if you guys do...

And today, the Independence weekend is over and done with. I have the entire week off, that I'm supossed to be using to study for the last row of the year. Instead, I'm downloading hot boy-on-boy lovin' left and right, and being very irresponsible, once again.

I'm sure I will regret this soon enough. At the moment though...

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OMG OMG OMG!!! It's a porny Tom Felton look alike!!! Go see Draco having mansex and show [ profile] kerryblaze  Teh Love!!!

P.D: Crossposted everywhere!! As a responsible fangirl, you should do it too!!

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It is misterious that most people don't bother putting a subject in theyr updates/e-mail/blah. I think that is a very fun thing to do, cos' it's sort of like mental exercise, comming up with crap as a header.

I am now cursing profussely in English too. So >< >< >< for me.

I dunno what to tell you, life's been... well, a blast! I'm sorta sick of partying ^^ (yes, that can happen) [ profile] karenchu's birthday was on Wendsday, so we started partying of Tuesday, waiting for midnight, and there all through Wensday.

[profile] [profile]

[ profile] the_bee tagged me for a meme, that I just lost to LJ's misteriousness. As it was very long, I ain't doing it again. Sorry Kay. I know you must be very hurt and dissapointed ^.^

And now...

Aug. 26th, 2005 05:29 pm
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I´m actually fighting cancer. And Alzahimer (I think that´s how you spell it)

^^;;;;;;; How odd

This week I got the two aprentiseships I was pushing for, and they are both in the Med Faculty. I´m to help the researchers fight prostate cancer, tiroyd cancer, alzeimer, and help look for better treatment for metastized cancer.

Life is very odd indeed. Still, I´m a happy, if a little overwhelmed girl.

Also, I took one of the lab chief´s cell-phone (cringes)

As in, stole it without realizing (cringes more). Back at home undoing my back-pack I discovered a cell-phone that was`t mine at the bottom. A little later, as I was trying to figure out whom´s it was, I got called.

Yup, the lab´s chief researcher ###><### I told him I was home, and couldn´t get it to him, hung up, and a few minutes later  got my coat on, braved the just-started storm, and rushed back to get it to him, only to find out he had left already. He had been so nice too.

This cannot be a good start (winces). Well, shit.

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Seems doing nothing is at order this semester. And no wonder there are so many lazy people in the world, it´s wonderful!!!

Summer is starting again, and it´s getting progresively harder to actually go to classes and not take the day off to joy-ride life. Today I  missed 3 hours of class because I got here late, I sat back to wait for the break to come so I could slip in unnoticed and... well, endded up here, reading simmysim`s new fic and drooling, and being generally irresponsible.

Also, I will confess I only came today on the off chance I would meet up with cute-boy-who-will-remain-unnamed, who promised to bring me a terror movie.

I´m dropping a subject too. Because I can`t be lazy in peace if I`m getting bad grades. That would leave me with three subjects, 2 free days a week and a helluva lot of free time. Whatever shall I do? XDDD

Life`s so good right now.

Also, I gave up belly dancing #^^#

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She had a small plastic surgery, to fill out the bags under her eyes. Right now she looks like she fought for the light weight boxing title. And lost.

I have a bunch of tests this week and I haven´t even started studying. I´m sure I will be very sorry very soon. Right now, though, I don´t care.

I´ve seen the girls (ex-classmates studying in the same city) a few times this month, and they are the greatest. On an unrelated note, my bet friend and sister shaped up and told me they weren´t goign dancing with me until I was able to tone it down. It´s not that sexual (I think), and it´s not like I can help it, I´ve been belly-dancing for a year and a half now. I feel like some sort of Britney Spears, a.k.a rundown and cheap. Don´t tell them I said that, though.
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Tomorrow I'm off to Santiago, for this year's second round of biochemical torture. Wish me luck.

I don't have that much to say, actually. Girls and I are going to see Dali's exposition, that has me drooling in my sleep, and I'm thinking on doing an Investigative Unit this semester, because I love research... and I need the credits -_-

Oh! And because I feel the urge. "The Passion of the Christ" is not an anti-semitic movie!!!I understand some of the rejection it raised on the jewish community, and some of the arguments are very reasonable. But the movie itself? Nope. Jews kill Jesus? True. But Jesus was a Jew. The Jews were the bad ones? True. The were also almost all the other ones, as this was happening in Jerusalem, and high speed roads weren't exactly developed.

I have no problems in discussing things in general. But stupid arguments piss me off. It's like the Teletubies being accused of racism because the sun was a blonde baby!! Yes, Teletubbies were evil, but what color is the sun? Yellow. So it made sense the baby's...
You know what? Let's leave it at that.
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First of all, I want to give my most sincere regrets to all English folk that might be reading this. I'm sorry this happened at all. I should have never have come to this.

Dear children, listen to your mommas when they say drinkin' is bad. Had a party last saturday where I killed half a bottle of tequila all by myself ><

Cut for longness )

As last news, I'm thinking of pulling out of my career and staring on something else. I'm thinking of giving up science and get into med school (as I have no life anyway, I'm sure I won't miss it). I love biochem, but I'm not certain I can keep standing the "locked up studying all week just to scrap by" thing. In byological careers, if you study, you do good, and that would be a very welcome change. Plus, I really want to do something to help the people that are in it so deep that can't remember what out looks like. There aren't many doctors willing to risk death for no pay and life in a hellhole.

I've spoken about this to my parents, mom says no, dad says yes, and I'm... well, I'm scared. It means starting over, give up my post in the best University on the country and 3 years of work for a vague chance of an undeffined something, loosing all my friends and starting to study for the *bleep* addmission test again. I have only one shoot at this, I can't take the test 3 times. But I know this life, what I'm doing now, isn't what I dreamed for myself. Guys... please, tell me, what do you think?

That is all.