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Many people have spoken of this better and more eloquently. Even so, I feel like I need to address this because I don't want to let yet another one  of this sadly frequent issues go.

To start, a multitude of countries ganging up on Asange just after the oh so publicized leak of american s00per sekrit documents seems a bit of an overreaction. The information that they contained did not put the USA on danger of anything but loosing face. Newsflash: most of us already knew EEUU was doing... lets call it 'surveillance', on every country they could reach. They tend to do that. And I'm stopping there, because I don't want to get into a rant.
And about EEUU not wanting to loose face: well, this sure ain't showing us you are classy. And by the way: espionage? Seriously? The Cold War is over.

I don't presume to know if Asange is or isn't guilty of the rape accusations (though, again, it seems a bit fishy that they'll pop up at this particular time), and I think the cases should be extensively investigated. But if it turns out to be a lie? The people responsible of this weren't only trying to find a cheap way out, they also stepped on every single woman that has ever been raped and was unable to get justice.
As a side note, here's a bit about the Swedish government's policies about rape. Even if you don't care about wikileaks, you should read this.

To finish: last I heard, we were all democratic countries, freedom of speech and information. This goes directly against everything we believe to be fair as an international community (because this is everyone's business, and thus we should all have the right to vote). North America, what's going on? I though the right to speak your mind, to know the truth and to spread the word were things you treasured!

Seriously guys, this inter-country bullying has gotten beyond  stupid.

Below is a list of a few of the companies that are boycotting Wikileaks. I closed my paypal and amazon accounts, and it seems I'll be using cash for a while. It's not much, but it's my two cents. If you want to toss yours in, too, well that'd be awesome

- Paypal
- Amazon
- Visa
- Mastercard
- EveryDNS
- Postfinance
- Moneybookers
- Tableau Software


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